Artist Interview | Becci Maryanne

Becci Maryanne is a Tattoo Artist based in Leeds who has been part of the team for nearly a year since popping into the shop to see Kate. We LOVE her quirky paintings of animals and unique style. Since working with us Becci has also started a Tattoo Apprenticeship… and after looking at the pictures below, I am massively tempted to get something in the new year!

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Anyway, let’s get down to it.

Becci – How would you describe your Art in three words?

Playful, arduous and melancholy

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And how long have you want to be an Artist?

Since I was tiny. Actually, I think I wanted to be a vet for a bit, then my Rabbit died and I realised that job was a bit of a bummer. But yeah, basically since I can remember. I think it started when my mum would sit down with me and draw the covers of my favourite VHS covers (I got a special mention at school for my Mulan) but she was way better than me.

What Music do you like to work to?

Currently I’m finding myself listening to Built to Spill, Pavement and Pinegrove in quick succession. I’m also a big fan of the Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify. 5ive were on it twice. That’s great!

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Who’s work do you love and who should we be looking out for?

I absolutely adore the work of Mister Finch, and I really love Clare Scully too Рshe paints really intricate mosaic-like animals and they blow me away. Also you NEED to check out Kayleigh Radcliffe РI envy every single thing she does and wish it came out of me.

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Any Advice for aspiring Artists our there?

Stick with it. As an artist you have awesome months, where it feels like it’s all coming together, and then you have shit months, where it feels like you’re a massive fraud. In the shit months, I tend to go through my work and look at my progress. Or read really old emails from companies I never dreamt would get in touch. Even if it was two years ago and they don’t reply to my emails anymore – it helps put it all in perspective and stops me from being so harsh on myself.

Thanks Becci, – it was great to talk to you ūüôā

You can find Becci’s full collection here¬†

Becci’s Instagram¬†


Do you know an Animal Lover who will love these?

Anyone that visits this website knows we love Tattoos. But we also love other things. Off the top of my head here’s a list of things Kate loves:

  • Leopard Print Clothing
  • Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese
  • Reality TV shows, the more awful the better (I’m allowed to say that as I am just as bad!)
  • Cocktails
  • Pop Punk
  • Haribo
  • Willow
  • Walks in the Country

With the exception of Pop Punk and Leopard Print I have to say I’m kinda in love with all those things as well, which is probably why we get on so well. I’d also like to point out that there was a much longer list but as it was all foods and drinks I thought it would just make me want to eat some or go an party, so I stopped!


We also love animals! We are both dog people and many of you already follow @wander.with.willow Kate’s super cute Instagram of her cute dog Willow.

Absolutely tons of our products have animals on – ¬†butterflies on prints, bees on mugs and swallows on cushions. To make it easy to look through them all we have created an ‘animal‘ collection on the site.

Check out our huge collection of animal-based products and let us know which ones you like!


Artist Interview | Antonella

Antonella Raimondo has been with us since pretty much the start, and has a variety of prints on the site (check out a link below after the interview). Based in London Antonella runs a Tattoo Studio which she hopes to build into an artistic hub.

Antonella’s style is fine and delicate, yet very intricate and her earliest memories are having crayons in her hands! We caught up to discuss her work and influences.

Antonella, what advice would you give our readers?

Antonella – Try hard, never give up, be humble, as there will be always out there someone who can teach you what you need to know.

So, what did you do before you became a Tattoo Artist?

I was a restorer of old building in Italy, repairing affrescos and old churches.

Wow, thats crazy! And then you moved to the UK to start your own studio, lucky us! So would would you say your influences are?

Valentin Hirsch, Maxime Buchi, Mirja Fenris, Sergio Toppi, Mucha.

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And who would you say your one to watch is?

Gwenn Seemel

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Thanks for chatting to me! So, now I’m leaving you, how¬†do you plan on spending the rest of the day?

Feed the cats, have breakfast, start drawing tattoo designs, make an awesome tattoo, and celebrate life with a glass of wine and my partner ūüôā

Click on the links to view Antonellas Collection and Instagram

Artist Interview | El Famoso

El Famoso is made up of Brothers Rich and Chris and their bold art is a firm favourite with our Customers. They were also awesome enough to create a series of same sex couple prints exclusively for us.

We caught up with Rich Fairhead, who after working in pubs, as a chef and even one evening in a cocktail bar realised that Art was more important than it all – and became a Full Time Artist.

Hi Rich! As an Artist, who has influenced you so far?

I’m always influenced by any mates that have made it as an artist, designer etc. I’m influenced by London, hand drawn type, old sailor tats, rum, skulls, beer cans, cats……

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When creating, what can we find on your Stereo?

I’m currently listening to Run The Jewels, Savages, Drenge and Slaves. And always stuff like Black Keys, QOTSA, Muse, Bowie, Young Fathers, Queen.

Nice! So, what are your goals as an Artist?

As long as I can get by drawing, I’m happy. And I’d like to draw on the side of a building one day, proper big.

As someone who creates Art full time, what Advice would you give to any budding S&R Artists?

I’d say keep plugging, draw everything and show shitloads of people your work.

With that in mind, are you heading to any Conventions this year?

I’m part of Brothers of The Stripe collective and we’ve got a few shows in the pipeline. (these guys are a collective of Illustrators and Creatives that have done TONS of cool stuff all over the UK)

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When you have a day off, how do you like to spend it?

Have a wander around a city on holiday, finishing with a couple of beers in the sun. Dinner would be Vietnamese!

And if you weren’t an Artist, what do you think you would do?

If I could do anything either photographer or maybe work in the movies. Or own my own rum bar.

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You can shop the whole of the El Famoso Collection below as well as follow Rich on Instagram.

A Review : Manchester Tattoo Tea Party

Last weekend we were at one of our Favourite UK Tattoo Conventions, Manchester’s Tattoo Tea Party.

It takes place over three days in Manchester’s City Centre. We were excited to be there and catch up with our friends at RSI Clothing.

Working at Tattoo Tea Party is always lots of fun. However, Hannah was away! It was up to Kate to manage the shop and the convention over the weekend, with help from Mike, Kate’s Partner.

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party

We thought we would share a collection of photos from the day with you, featuring some of the Artists that we work with.

Have you been to a Tattoo Convention?

We think it’s like an indoor festival! All your Favourite UK and International Tattoo Artists tattooing alongside entertainment and a bar!

As well as being able to be Tattooed, or watch some of your Favourite Artists Tattoo other people, there is also the opportunity to pick up some exclusive art and designs.

You will also find live music, burlesque and circus acts! Plus tons of awesome independent businesses (which, of course, is why we were there!)

We are lucky to work with a lot of great Tattoo Artists, and luckily had a ton of them working at the weekend, Holly Astral, Maddison Magick, Stephanie Melbourne, Ashley Luka, Kameeleon, Becci Boo and Beany Simner were all there!

Have you ever been to Manchester Tattoo Tea Party or any Tattoo Convention? We would love to visit more so let us know if you have any suggestions let us know!

£100 Prize Winner

At the Convention, we also ran a prize draw¬† –¬† simply for signing up to our mailing list! One lucky person had the opportunity to win ¬£100 worth of Art.

Our Winner was Lucy and we have emailed her this week to inform her of her prize. Congratulations!

Don’t forgot you can sign up to our mailing list to get 10% off your next order and here all about the latest offers and news!

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party

Manchester Tattoo Tea PartyManchester Tattoo Tea Party

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party